Donor Spotlight: Erick Stewart

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L-R: Janis White, Erick Stewart, Bob Shumaker, and Carol Carrier

Erick Stewart has a long history with Starr Commonwealth. The Stewart family has supported Starr for over 25 years, beginning with his mother, Clara Stewart, serving on our Board of Trustees. “My mother’s enthusiasm and direction was rooted in our family’s deep commitment to youth, education, and vulnerable population support,” says Stewart.  “My parents believe that all children, regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status have the right to be loved and supported in life.”

In 2005, Erick was asked to join our Board of Trustees, and he followed his mother’s footsteps. He continues to serve on our Board today, bringing his expertise and community relationships to each discussion.

When asked about his time on the board, Erick responded, “It’s an emotional, rewarding, giving experience. When you not only see a person graduate the program, but you see that adult that says they owe their life to the Starr process; it reinforces why we do this work. It’s an honor to create a family legacy around good work and positive outcomes.” Since joining Starr’s Board of Trustees, Erick Stewart has served on six local boards in the Battle Creek area, showing how important service is to him.

What attracts Erick the most about Starr is not any specific program; instead, he admires Starr’s adaptability. “Residential programming was what Starr was known most for when our family came to this area some 30 years ago. But as the needs of our communities change, so does Starr, while keeping the core of its supportive mission in mind. I would say that what speaks to me the most is Starr’s versatility with regards to supporting the dynamic needs of the ever-changing youth, family, and environment. The organization’s ability to support ranges from counseling, to the development of problem-solving skills, and professional development. These dynamics make Starr what it is today in its support of youth.”

Being the owner of Stewart Industries, LLC for over 15 years, Erick Stewart knows how to make the most of his money. He knows that to help the children and families in his community, he has to give back to organizations that have proven themselves to be effective in supporting those who need it. “I am most proud that this organization’s skill set is not only effective here in Michigan but has been utilized all over the globe to assist the most vulnerable in time of crisis.”

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