Help Detroit Youth in Our Supervised Independent Living Program!

starr-detroit-sil-half-page-community-flyer-2017_page_1Starr Detroit is excited to launch a new Supervised Independent Living Program (SIL). Youth in our community need homes that provide a stable and nurturing environment for them to thrive as they make their way into adulthood. These court-ordered youth are under the supervision of counselors who provide life skills and weekly counseling sessions to assist these young people in their growth.

If you can say YES to all of the items below, then you might be a great fit!

  • Have a passion to make an impact
  • Over 18-years of age
  • All utilities in working order and paid up to date
  • An available bedroom with a closet and a window
  • Pass a Central Clearance Registry for all members in the home
  • Pass a Home Study

If you would like to host an SIL youth, please contact Ashley A. Gray at 313-794-4447

Going Green!

starr-news-2014One of our most well-known quotes from founder Floyd Starr is “beauty is a silent teacher.” He used this phrase to explain why he chose the lakeside plot of land in Albion on which to start his organization; he wanted a beautiful place to reflect the inherent beauty of his kids.

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Get Married in the Chapel-in-the-Woods!

dsc_0002_2The historic Starr Albion campus is home to many beautiful buildings, including our Chapel-in-the-Woods.

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Starr’s First Elizabeth Carey


You probably know about Elizabeth Carey, Starr’s fifth President and CEO. But did you know that she is not the first person by that name to serve Starr Commonwealth?

The first Elizabeth Carey was a bookkeeper for Floyd Starr in the 1940’s. She lived in Albion, and her tenure at Starr has been described in publications as long and devoted. She also has a window bearing her name in the Chapel-in-the-Woods, pictured here.

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Remembering John William Frazier on Pearl Harbor Day

john-william-frazierJohn William Frazier, Starr student from June 22, 1927 until August 30, 1929, gave his life in service to our country at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  On the 75th anniversary of that fateful day, we remember him.

Mr. Frazier was a Coxswain aboard the USS Curtiss, a Navy Seaplane Tender, that had been dispatched from Norfolk in May of that year to support the Pacific arena.

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