Starr’s First Elizabeth Carey


You probably know about Elizabeth Carey, Starr’s fifth President and CEO. But did you know that she is not the first person by that name to serve Starr Commonwealth?

The first Elizabeth Carey was a bookkeeper for Floyd Starr in the 1940’s. She lived in Albion, and her tenure at Starr has been described in publications as long and devoted. She also has a window bearing her name in the Chapel-in-the-Woods, pictured here.

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Remembering John William Frazier on Pearl Harbor Day

john-william-frazierJohn William Frazier, Starr student from June 22, 1927 until August 30, 1929, gave his life in service to our country at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  On the 75th anniversary of that fateful day, we remember him.

Mr. Frazier was a Coxswain aboard the USS Curtiss, a Navy Seaplane Tender, that had been dispatched from Norfolk in May of that year to support the Pacific arena.

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Employee Donor Spotlight: Shane Williamson

shaneAs a lifelong resident of Albion, Shane Williamson has grown up knowing about Starr Commonwealth. In 2014, he became the Director of Grants Management for Starr’s Advancement team, and began working with major foundations and individual donors to spread the news of Starr’s mission. “Working in Advancement was never part of my career plan,” Shane has said. “I didn’t grow up thinking; ‘I want to be a fundraiser’, but having found my career and home in this work, it calls me to do just as I ask so many to do in this field: To give. I feel good doing it each and every time.”

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Double Your Donation to Starr on Giving Tuesday!


Bill and Susan Gillam.

Created as a social media movement, Giving Tuesday has become a global day of giving – a way for everyone to show how much they care for the nonprofits near and dear to their hearts. In conjunction with a donation of time and money, nonprofit supporters are able to spread the word about their organizations through social media posts and hashtags. This year, Giving Tuesday will be on November 29, 2016.

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We’ve Got News for #GivingTuesday 2016!


Giving Tuesday this year is on November 29, and we’ve got some exciting news coming up!

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