Our Programs

Starr Commonwealth Programs

Early Intervention & Prevention: Through Starr’s professional training and coaching arm, we offer a variety of programs to equip youth, families, schools and communities with the tools they need to manage crisis and turn problems into opportunities. We also provide in-home mental health counseling and in-home family intervention services with the goal of strengthening and keeping families together.

Community-based: Services for at-risk youth and families are offered right in the communities where they live to help them address their issues and overcome challenges with minimal disruptions to the home or family. Programs include relapse prevention, community reintegration and day treatment and are designed to maintain children in the least restrictive environment needed to achieve significant and lifelong changes in behavior in values.

Specialized Residential: In residential programs, youth develop problem solving and cooperative learning skills while residing in cottages of 12-14 youth. An on-campus school meets the varied educational needs of each child. Youth are referred to the program through the state’s juvenile justice system.