Starr Albion Prep Talent Show!


Last Friday, students on our Albion campus had the opportunity to show off their hard work and skills at our first Starr Albion Prep Talent Show! Boys and girls had to audition for a slot in the show, and have been working hard for weeks to perfect their performances. Continue reading


Meet Baloo, Starr’s First Therapy Dog


Baloo - 7 weeks

Baloo at 7 weeks.

If you follow Starr Commonwealth on Instagram, you may have recently seen a sneak peek at the newest staff member on our Albion campus: meet Baloo, Starr’s first therapy dog! Baloo recently came in to our offices to say hello to the rest of our Starr staff and begin meeting new people in preparation for his training. Everyone immediately knew that he would be an excellent addition to our campus. Continue reading

A Little History: Gladsome Cottage

CSC_0003If you have ever visited our historic Albion campus, chances are you have seen Gladsome Cottage. The first cottage on the grounds of Starr Commonwealth, this  Sears & Roebuck home was delivered in October of 1913. To celebrate this new home and the beginning of Starr Commonwealth, the first Sunday of October has since been known as Founder’s Day.

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Get Married in the Chapel-in-the-Woods!

dsc_0002_2The historic Starr Albion campus is home to many beautiful buildings, including our Chapel-in-the-Woods.

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Remembering John William Frazier on Pearl Harbor Day

john-william-frazierJohn William Frazier, Starr student from June 22, 1927 until August 30, 1929, gave his life in service to our country at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  On the 75th anniversary of that fateful day, we remember him.

Mr. Frazier was a Coxswain aboard the USS Curtiss, a Navy Seaplane Tender, that had been dispatched from Norfolk in May of that year to support the Pacific arena.

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