Albion-Marshall Resilient Communities Project

16684181_1228329453880783_1162471551740918012_nFor the past several years, Starr has been proud to help with the important work of bringing together our local communities of Albion and Marshall. During the closing of Albion schools and the merging of the youth from Albion into the Marshall School District, Starr collaborated with Albion College to host a Youth Symposium to facilitate the kids learning about diversity and building relationships. Recognizing the positive impact of the first symposium, similar programming has been planned and executed since, in order to help students each year get to know one another and learn to work together in the classroom.

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Employee Donor Spotlight: Shane Williamson

shaneAs a lifelong resident of Albion, Shane Williamson has grown up knowing about Starr Commonwealth. In 2014, he became the Director of Grants Management for Starr’s Advancement team, and began working with major foundations and individual donors to spread the news of Starr’s mission. “Working in Advancement was never part of my career plan,” Shane has said. “I didn’t grow up thinking; ‘I want to be a fundraiser’, but having found my career and home in this work, it calls me to do just as I ask so many to do in this field: To give. I feel good doing it each and every time.”

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How Can Your Gift Help?

Starr is transforming classroom experiences across the nation. Thousands of educators are using Starr’s knowledge and techniques to unleash the potential of their students.

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Albion and Marshall Students Unite at Symposium

Over 100 middle school students from Albion and Marshall participated in a symposium hosted by Albion College and led by Starr Commonwealth.

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Employee Donor Spotlight: Derek Allen

Derek Allen

Derek Allen, Director of the Starr Global Learning Network.

Derek Allen’s history with Starr Commonwealth goes back ten years when he started as a Youth Specialist on the Albion campus fresh out of college.  After leaving to serve as a Special Education Teacher, he returned four years ago to serve as a Senior Clinician, then Associate Director, and now as the Director of the Starr Global Learning Network. Derek says he has made giving to Starr a priority over the past few years.

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