Meet Baloo, Starr’s First Therapy Dog


Baloo - 7 weeks

Baloo at 7 weeks.

If you follow Starr Commonwealth on Instagram, you may have recently seen a sneak peek at the newest staff member on our Albion campus: meet Baloo, Starr’s first therapy dog! Baloo recently came in to our offices to say hello to the rest of our Starr staff and begin meeting new people in preparation for his training. Everyone immediately knew that he would be an excellent addition to our campus.

Right now he is only a few weeks old, but once he has gone through training and has graduated, Baloo will be certified to help the students on our campus with emotional support. As a Saint Dane (a St. Bernard and Great Dane mix), Baloo is going to grow up to be a HUGE help to our students, and we are so excited to add his specific set of skills to our campus!

Baloo will be living with staff members from Starr Albion Prep and coming in during the day to work with our students. Keep an eye out on Starr’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for updates on his training and the ways he will be helping students on our campus!