Starr Battle Creek Staff Attend the 12th Annual Kalamazoo Children’s Mental Health Carnival

boothThis week, Starr Battle Creek participated in the 12th Annual Kalamazoo Children’s Mental Health Carnival. There were over 3,000 people at this event, and Starr Battle Creek had a wonderful booth set up with all sorts of Starr giveaways and information about Starr Global Learning Network and Starr Battle Creek Home Based Program.

A Starr Battle Creek client came up with a cool poster board based on the “13 Reasons Why” book/show and came up with “13 Reasons Why Mental Health Matters.” This was displayed at the event and was well received by people who stopped at our booth. We love seeing our clients using their strengths in giving back to the community!

Our Starr Battle Creek office offers several therapy groups for the clients they serve in their home-based program, including:

  • Mondays – Anger Management Group for ages 9-12
  • Tuesdays – DBT Skills Group for ages 13-17
  • Wednesdays – Social Skills group (starting June 7, 2017)

We are also working to provide a positive self-esteem group for our teenage female clients we serve, and will be continuing our Super Starrs Ready Readers Camp this summer at the Starr Battle Creek location.

If you would like more information on our Battle Creek programs, you can call us at 800.225.7529 or email