Going Green!

starr-news-2014One of our most well-known quotes from founder Floyd Starr is “beauty is a silent teacher.” He used this phrase to explain why he chose the lakeside plot of land in Albion on which to start his organization; he wanted a beautiful place to reflect the inherent beauty of his kids.

Born out of this dedication to keeping our planet beautiful, Starr has decided to become more green in 2017. This decision directly affects our publications, especially Starr News; for this year, we will be downsizing from four print versions a year to two print versions.

This doesn’t mean that you will stop getting Starr updates and information, though. We will still be creating four issues a year, available on our website, social media, and via email.

We here at Starr care about our planet, and we truly believe that keeping it clean for future generations is important.

If you would like to receive Starr News through email, please sign up at www.starr.org/starr-news-email. To read past issues of Starr News, please visit www.starr.org/news-center.