Starr’s First Elizabeth Carey


You probably know about Elizabeth Carey, Starr’s fifth President and CEO. But did you know that she is not the first person by that name to serve Starr Commonwealth?

The first Elizabeth Carey was a bookkeeper for Floyd Starr in the 1940’s. She lived in Albion, and her tenure at Starr has been described in publications as long and devoted. She also has a window bearing her name in the Chapel-in-the-Woods, pictured here.

Not much else is known about the first Elizabeth Carey: she never married, and never had children.

We do know that she enjoyed writing poetry, mainly about Floyd Starr and the beautiful campus where she worked. A few of these works still exist in our archives, including this one about Starr’s Albion campus:

The beauty and the loveliness
Of rose and bronze and green,
Reflected in the waters
Of our calm lake, serene,
Bring thoughts, Starr Commonwealth, of you,
Of all the boys, — the friendships true,
And over all — a Heaven of Blue.

-Elizabeth Carey

There is no connection between the bookkeeper Elizabeth Carey and our President and CEO Elizabeth Carey, but it is an interesting coincidence, and one we wanted to share with our friends.