Remembering John William Frazier on Pearl Harbor Day

john-william-frazierJohn William Frazier, Starr student from June 22, 1927 until August 30, 1929, gave his life in service to our country at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  On the 75th anniversary of that fateful day, we remember him.

Mr. Frazier was a Coxswain aboard the USS Curtiss, a Navy Seaplane Tender, that had been dispatched from Norfolk in May of that year to support the Pacific arena.

The Curtiss voyaged to Wake Island from October –November 1941 carrying aviators, air-crewmen, and supplies for the US garrison there. During the Pearl Harbor battle, the Curtiss damaged a Japanese midget submarine and engaged with 3 planes, one of which dropped a bomb on her that went below decks and exploded, killing a total of 19 servicemen and creating a large fire in the hangar and on the main decks. After the battle, the Curtiss was sent to San Diego for repairs.

An estimation of service shows that around 500 Starr alumni served in every branch of service during World War II. We are thankful for each and every one and the sacrifices they made, as well as all of our Starr alumni who serve now and have served at any time since 1913.