Employee Donor Spotlight: Shane Williamson

shaneAs a lifelong resident of Albion, Shane Williamson has grown up knowing about Starr Commonwealth. In 2014, he became the Director of Grants Management for Starr’s Advancement team, and began working with major foundations and individual donors to spread the news of Starr’s mission. “Working in Advancement was never part of my career plan,” Shane has said. “I didn’t grow up thinking; ‘I want to be a fundraiser’, but having found my career and home in this work, it calls me to do just as I ask so many to do in this field: To give. I feel good doing it each and every time.”

Much of Shane’s job involves speaking to people who have been affected by Starr, whether it is a parent whose child is succeeding because of their time in our programs, a former student on our campus, or a funder with a personal connection to one of our service lines. “I get to learn about all of the good Starr has done in the lives of children and families. It brings me chills every time I hear about a life-changing experience with Starr Commonwealth.”

One program really stands out to Shane as embodying the mission of Starr: The Starr Global Learning Network. “The fact that we can take so much of the history in Starr and turn it into modern day applications for professionals, teachers, parents, and other child-caring individuals is incredible. SGLN is a worldwide extension of what happens on our campus in Albion, our work at Starr Detroit, Starr Detroit Academy, and our intensive in-home work in Battle Creek.” With the trainings provided by the Starr Global Learning Network, Starr is able to reach past our campus locations to do on a larger scale what we’ve been doing all along: Helping children and families flourish. “So much of what Starr does is about making everyday life possible for so many children and their families.”

So why does Shane give to Starr? “I give to Starr because I feel our work requires us to give back. So much of working in a nonprofit means making sure that you eat, sleep, and breathe the mission. Starr is about using my time and talent just as much as it is using my treasure.”

If you would like to be a Starr donor, visit us at www.starr.org/donate.