A Week in the Life of a Program Supervisor at Starr Detroit

chairsWe spoke with Ashley Gray, the Program Supervisor at Starr Detroit, about her job – what a typical week looks like, who she interacts with, and what she likes the most about working at Starr Detroit.

What kinds of activities make up a typical week?

There is no typical week. Each week brings new and complex issues to attend to from administrative meetings, monitoring daily census, client intakes, attention given to client concerns, available to Starr’s therapists and contractual therapists. Supervise and provide training to MSW interns placed from Michigan State University and Wayne State University. Attention given to mastering the BSFT model. Supervise clerical staff.
When there are client needs, I, along with my therapeutic team, create ways to fulfill those needs.

What are the main challenges of your job?

The constant programmatic changes from the County and case management organizations are a challenge. There is the daily challenge of providing support and encouragement to staff to provide excellent services to our clients, who need comprehensive and supportive engagement and interventions. The limit on our financial resources makes it difficult to provide opportunities and experiences for our youth to help them develop culturally and educationally.

Who do you interact with most to perform your job?

Daily interactions are with Dawn Stewart, Director of Starr Detroit, Starr Vista, Wayne County, Starr staff, and many of the youth and families.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The greatest enjoyment about the job is being a part of, and witnessing, the impact of our programs on our youth. We see the progress our kids are making in school, refraining from using substances, demonstrating self-control, controlling anger, expressing feelings in a calm and thoughtful manner. We work with the whole family, so we help families communicate and express love for each other. I could go on and on. It is awesome to see the work of the Starr Detroit staff with our clients and be a part of the dynamic and supportive culture established at Starr Detroit!