Chemical Bank Grant Supports Starr Battle Creek Program

A grant from Chemical Bank has boosted Starr Commonwealth’s Battle Creek program, which provides hundreds of families with mental health services each year.

Chemical Bank donates $2250 to STARR

From left to right: Chris Smith, Elizabeth Carey, Catherine Yates, Terri Fogle, and Annette Campau

The grant of $2,250 will provide additional after school activities for the young people in the intensive in-home mental health program, as well as important information materials.

Starr’s intensive in-home mental health program has served families in the Battle Creek area for the last 18 years, and combines individual, family and group therapy; crisis intervention; case management; and connection to community resources.

Starr’s President and CEO, Elizabeth Carey, said: “We are very grateful to our friends at Chemical Bank for helping us to provide more support to young people and families in Battle Creek. Working with Summit Pointe, our team in Battle Creek is providing vital mental health services to hundreds of families each year, and by building more community partnerships like this, we can do more of the work that helps keep families together.”

“Chemical Bank is passionate about supporting organizations such as Starr Commonwealth and we stand behind them in reaching their goals to provide quality mental health programs for those in need,” stated Diane Ramirez, Community President and Retail Sales Manager for Chemical Bank.   “We are inspired by the dreams of our customers, community partners and neighbors; it is Chemical Bank’s privilege to help each person reach her or his full potential.”

Starr staff members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide support, therapeutic intervention and advocacy for children and families. Starr incorporates its strength-based approach to determine appropriate treatment, tailored to meet the needs of each child with a focus on the family.

Youth in the program are dealing with a variety of problems stemming from abuse, neglect, trauma, and mental health issues. The goals of Starr’s Battle Creek program are to promote positive development and healthy family functioning and reduce or eliminate a child’s need for psychiatric hospitalization or other out-of-home placement.