Starr Commonwealth stands ready to offer shelter and support to undocumented children

In keeping with its 100-year history of serving vulnerable children from across the world, Starr Commonwealth stands ready to work with partner agencies and government on the shelter and care of undocumented children, should the need arise.

Starr is continually in discussions with other human service organizations about how it can serve more children and families, and as the significant need for support of children coming to the United States from Central America has become evident, Starr has made it clear that it’s facilities would be made available to this population.

Currently, Starr Commonwealth has no arrangement or agreement in place to provide services or support to undocumented children. However, Starr continues to explore potential collaborations with partner agencies, such as Sequel Youth and Family Services, that could provide important care for vulnerable children from Central America and to other populations of children in need.

Dr. Martin Mitchell, President and CEO of Starr Commonwealth, said: “At Starr Commonwealth, we believe firmly that all children deserve a safe and caring environment. Since our founding over a century ago, we have created not only safety, but positive youth development experiences for children in many countries across the world, and if called upon to do so, we would offer as much support as we are able to children from Central America, or any other country.

The children who have arrived in our country from Central America have often been through very traumatic experiences, the like of which no child should suffer, and just as we would step in to support children and families affected by a hurricane or a tsunami, we will respond to this humanitarian issue as strongly as possible with our human service partners, making sure the needs of children come first.”


For more information from Starr Commonwealth, please contact John Hollingsworth, Director of Communications: phone: 517 630 1504 email:

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