Starr Wins Community Spirit Award

Starr was recently recognized with The Michigan Chronicle Community Spirit Award for its significant contribution to the communities of Detroit.

Legacy in Motion 2013

Dr. Marty Mitchell after accepting Starr’s Community Spirit Award.

At one of the city’s most prestigious events, the Legacy in Motion Gala, on Saturday, Dec. 7, president and CEO Marty Mitchell accepted the award and celebrated the exceptional work of Starr’s Detroit staff over many years.

The event, which recognized Detroit’s top leaders and news-makers, saw Starr being honored alongside Motown legend Berry Gordy, the new Detroit Mayor Elect Mike Duggan, Chairman and Founder of Quicken Loans, Dan Gilbert, Bishop P.A. Brooks, First Assistant Presiding Bishop – Church of God in Christ, and US Congressman Gary Peters.

It is estimated that Starr has served over 100,000 children from the Detroit area, including the very first two students taken in by Floyd Starr in 1913, and the Community Spirit Award was a fitting tribute in Starr’s 100th anniversary year.

Marty Mitchell said: “It is an honor for Starr to be recognized alongside so many respected individuals and organizations but it is no less than our staff deserve. Starr has touched the lives of thousands of young people from Metro Detroit, helping to transform many troubled situations into positive ones. Over many years we have made a hugely valuable contribution to families and communities in the city, and it is fantastic to see this being recognized.”

Starr has been working in partnership with The Michigan Chronicle since September on a campaign to increase understanding and awareness among parents of the issues relating to children with autism.

The partnership with The Michigan Chronicle is also helping to promote Starr’s core mission of creating positive environments where children flourish, with a focus on Starr’s work to build resilience in children and their families.


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