Starr Commonwealth Creed

      Starr Commonwealth Creed
Written by Floyd Starr in 1913

Floyd Starr

Floyd Starr

WE BELIEVE       that there is no such thing as a bad boy.

WE BELIEVE      that badness is not a normal condition but  is the result of misdirected energy.

WE BELIEVE      that every normal boy will be good if given an opportunity in an environment of love and activity.

WE BELIEVE      in the dignity of labor. We believe that each child should be given some work  suitable to childhood and that he should be taught that the value of labor is to  be found, not alone in the completed task, but in the training of the mind and the hand, and in the joy of accomplishment.

WE BELIEVE      also in play. Play is the child’s normal means of self-expression.

WE BELIEVE      that to attain the full stature of man, spiritual development should go hand-in-hand with physical, mental and moral development.

WE BELIEVE      that boys should be treated, not as a class, but as individuals, and that each boy  in order that he may reach his highest development, must be understood. We hold that his ambition must be stimulated and developed, and that he must be encouraged and loved toward perfection.

WE BELIEVE      that boys merit confidence and trust, and that the secret of the development  of honor in a boy lies in appealing to his inherent goodness.  In order that he may attain perfect manhood, we believe in placing a boy on his honor at  all times giving him the sympathy and encouragement necessary to enable him to maintain his integrity.


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