TLC’s Childhood Trauma Practitioner’s Assembly

A little sandtray therapy at the Assembly

A little sandtray therapy at the Assembly

It’s time to make your plans to attend TLC’s Childhood Trauma Practitioner’s Assembly from July 12 to 16th!

The Assembly will be held at the Macomb County Intermediate School District’s (MISD) new Educational Service Center. MISD is located at 44001 Garfield Road, Clinton Township, Michigan 48038-1100.

This year’s program is about practices that are both trauma-informed and resilience-focused; some are evidence-based, others evidence-supported, as not all evidence-based interventions are appropriate for all traumatized children. Some of the leading edge presentations this year include:

Relationship & Neurobiological Integration Part 1
Many children of trauma experience changes in brain structure and brain chemistry. This workshop is focused on providing strategies through the caregiver’s relationship to create new pathways for the healing of a child’s body and mind system. We will look at how behavioral approaches discriminate against children with neurodiversity issues. A relational paradigm will then be introduced, and you will be provided with several strategies including: co-regulation, time in, the three A’s (attunement, affection and attention), self exploration, playfulness and humor, acceptance, presence, containment, being a sensory detective, physical affection, entering pain pathways, limbic resonance, the neurophysiological feedback loop, transitional time in, multi-sensory feedback, rupture and repair, collaborative communication, non-verbal communication and many more. Here are just a few of the offerings at this summer’s Assembly:

Group Strategies and Interventions with Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence
Participants will learn practical tools and important themes to consider when working with youth exposed to domestic violence. In addition, content presented will help participants gain a trauma-informed understanding about how these strategies and interventions promote safety, emotional expression, coping, validation, and normalizing related to working with youth from violent homes. Participants will also engage in activities and experientials to enhance their awareness and insight about the benefits of using hands-on and creative interventions in group work with traumatized youth.

What Really Gets Worked Out in the Sandtray?
Sand, images and the sandtray help create a “safe and protected space” for the builder. This psychodynamic process can be part of a nondirective or directive experience. Participants will see video clips including “Sandtray Storytelling” and a clip of how sandtray was utilized in schools with children whose parents worked in the Twin Towers as shown on the New York cable show, Frontiers in Psychotherapy.

No Bullies-No Victims: Trauma-Informed Bullying Prevention for K-12
This presentation will explore the bullying happening in schools and on the internet and explore specific, effective strategies at the organizational and student levels. Participants will be provided with a workbook outlining those strategies that can then be transferred to their organization or counseling practice. Emphasis will be on building students’ strengths by giving them the skills and strategies they need to prevent the bullying from happening and to deal with it when it does. Participants will also be given strategies for managing the environment and working with school staff and parents in order to help this transformation.

And of course, we hope you will join us for the keynote and full-day courses to become certified in the use of TLC’s school and agency-based SITCAP® programs or, if already certified, to learn additional strategies presented by practitioners in a variety of 3-hour workshops. To learn more about the courses and workshops click here. You can register for the Assembly in the TLC online bookstore or by calling TLC toll-free at 877-306-5256.

Be well,

Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPCC, LPAT


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