Federal funding approved for Starr Commonwealth

Christmas has come early for Starr Commonwealth in the announcement of more than $2 million in federal support for Starr Commonwealth programs and infastructure. 

Lobbying the federal government involves tremendous efforts on the part of our staff and volunteers in advocating for our work with children and families. This year, President & CEO Marty Mitchell, Chief Development Officer Simon Bisson and Director of Public Policy Bryan Brown visited with members of Congress and the Senate for Michigan and Ohio to request additional funding.

Congress has approved the Fiscal 2010 Omnibus Appropriations Act, which will result in a total of $2,426,600 in federal funding for Starr Commonwealth programs and facilities.

The new funding, outlined below, will not be available until fall of 2010 and can only be used to support the specific programs listed. 

  • $300,000 for Battle Creek’s parent-referred day treatment program
  • $876,600 for Battle Creek’s facilities renovations
  • $350,000 for Detroit’s renovation and expansion of transitional facilities for youth
  • $200,000 for Detroit’s pilot of Bridges to Responsible Adulthood program
  • $200,00 for Columbus’ STL program
  • $500,000 for Van Wert’s expansion of the adolescent delinquency program

During a period when our agency is faced with financial challenges and deficits as a result of shrinking resources, this level of support from our legislative champions is a true testament to our work and will provide crucial funding to support programs and much-needed renovations next year.

It should be noted, however, that we will continue to look for efficiencies in our work while staying committed to the high-quality care we currently provide children and families. While we greatly appreciate this funding, we still require the generous support of private individuals, corporations and organizations to partner in carrying out our mission.

Thank you to all who, like us, see something good in every child and have made investments in us to prove it.


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